Symptom – external
Burning pain in your upper stomach/chest, sick feeling, vomiting, fullness.

Symptom – internal
Inflammation of the lining of the stomach.

-Bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori)
-Excessive Alcohol
-Excessive Pain killers

Long term (chronic) effects
Stomach ulceration

To heal the stomach and prevent ulceration (for 7 – 14 days do the following):
-no dairy (stimulates secretion of acid) (only little milk in coffee if required or fat free)
-no alcohol
-no meat
-no chocolate or cocoa
-no vinegar (including pickles)
-no tomato sauce
-no mustard
-no spices (even pepper)
-no oil or fat
-eat chopped pineapples (especially good for enzymes), apples, carrots, cucumber, banana. any veg, any carbs.(stay away from citrus until stomach has healed)
-only drink water or herbal
-Peppermint tea (excellent organic range called Pukka (calms the muscles of the stomach and improves the flow of bile, relaxant)
-Licorice tablets before meals (from health shop) (inhibits Helicobacter pylori)
-Goldenseal (acts as an “antibiotic” to the mucous membranes not by killing germs directly, but by increasing the flow of healthy mucous)
-cut a +/- 1cm cube of ginger, crush/chop finely and boil on stove for 15 minutes,strain and drink.
-Marshmallow root tablets (not the sweet :)) (from health shop) (protects stomach lining allowing it to heal also anti-inflammatory) (e.g. info see
-don’t eat close to bed time
-don’t over eat in a small space of time. Stick to small meals.

(once healed) On-going maintenance:
-reduce intake of all the prohibited food (above)
-introduce citrus as this is acidic in the stomach but makes body more alkaline once ingested.
-don’t eat close to bed time
-don’t over eat in a small space of time. Stick to small meals.
-introduce other organic herbal teas when possible to reduce coffee/tea intake.


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